About Rock Against Suicide

Uniting rock musicians and fans to bring awareness to suicide prevention programs in our area and raise money for the Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier.

Rock Against Suicide was put into motion following the tragic loss of a dear friend and bandmate. Another friend confided in me that he also had suicidal thoughts in the past and that instead of just posting on social media and sharing memes (which do not affect any real change) that someone should step up and take action to raise awareness of the anti-suicide resources available and to also raise money to support those programs. It was literally time to "put up or shut up!"

After consulting with several friends in the mental health field to find an organization to partner with, every single one named the Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier (MHAST) as the go to organization for suicide prevention.

All of the proceeds raised by Rock Against Suicide go to MHAST, a 501 (c) charitableorganization. To learn more about all of the excellent programs they offer and upcoming fund raisers, click the image below to visit their web site:


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