Rock Against Suicide VI - October 12, 2019

Thanks to you the event was a huge success and together We Raised $3,875.50 for The Mental Health Association!!!

Thank you to the talented bands:

Broken Arrow, The Gents, Long Way Home, Tijuana Danger Dogs, and Wreckless Marci

Thanks to the inspirational speakers:

Ashley West, Jaezelle Darrah, S. Hunter Smith and Chuck Andreas

The core team - Diane Benson, Brenda Thorn, Jeremy Benson, Emery Stephens, Kimberleejo Stewart, Paul Tauterouff, Chuck Andreas, Kevin Oriol

MC: Paul Tauterouff and Kevin Oriol

Event Volunteers: Janet O'Neil, Pat Gitchell, Chuck Andreas, Stephanie Jo Epply, Saz Eytina

MHAST volunteers and coordinators: Joanne Weir, Kim Taro

The Choconut Inn for hosting: Bob and Tammy Pornbeck

Sound reinforcement: Brian Casterlin's Monster Sound

Photographers: Linda Ruffo, Margo Hibbard, Connie Nguyen, Brian Casterlin, Mary Ann Ruffo

RAS logo design: Big Drew Lewis


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