Rock Against Suicide III - October 15, 2016

Thanks to you the event was a huge success and together We Raised $4,783.50 for The Mental Health Association!!!

Thank you to the talented bands:

The Kiil, The Smokin' Crowes, Super Radical, Burning Moonlight and Lila Ignite

Thanks to the wonderful speakers:

Fawn Proper, Molly Nekut, Chuck Andreas, Michael Bonventre, Therea Askew, Kelly Luce, Steve Smith, Kat turner

The core team aka "Paulie's Angels" - Diane Benson and Brenda Thorn

T-shirt and flyer design: Tori Benson

Event Volunteers: Kimberleejo (K-jo) Stewart, Janet O'Neil, Chuck Andreas, Chris Lewis, Don Law, Chrissie White, Shelby Williams, Aaron Yob, Stephanie Eply, Brittany Hrehor, Christina Matthews, Stephanie Lorence, Mark and Marie Lawrence, Heather Black

RAS logo design: Big Drew Lewis

MHAST volunteers and coordinators: Joanne Weir, Keith Leahy, Ray Feleppa, Kathy Eckert, Kim Taro

The Choconut Inn for hosting: Bob and Tammy Pornbeck

Photography: Wendy Woodburn of WAM Photography.

Sound reinforcement: Brian Casterlin's Monster Sound


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