Rock Against Suicide I - Sep 27, 2014

Thanks to you the event was a huge success and together We Raised $6,004 for The Mental Health Association!!!

Thank you to the talented bands:

Citizen 5, Forgotten Sun, Mobday and OCD

Thanks to the wonderful speakers:

Jason Paden, Don Finch, Linda Terry, Kim Taro, Tori Benson, Stephanie Jo Epply and Diane Benson

The core team aka "Paulie's Angels" - Diane Benson and Brenda Thorn

Event Volunteers: Tori Benson, Don Law, Cameron Law, Dan Cafferty, Jen Cafferty, Pat Gitchell, Janet O'Neil, Mark Lawrence

RAS logo design: Big Drew Lewis

Flyer design: Michele Giorgio

Organizational advice and custom painted BC Rich: John Delola, Mike Benson

Promotion: WKGB, The Carousel

MHAST volunteers and coordinators: Joanne Weir, Ray Feleppa

The Choconut Inn for hosting: Bob and Tammy Pornbeck

Sound reinforcement: Sharkaudio and Lighting: Mark Bennett, Corey "Paco" Carle

A shoutout to Mikey and John of Hurricane Audio for letting us use their cabinets and mixer.

Congrats to our good friend Jimi Decker - Winner of the custom painted BC Rich!!!


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